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Welcome to NexGen

Creating a
Sustainable Future

We connect people and and empower organisations in becoming their most sustainable version

Discover NexGen

We are moved by our drive to make a difference and creating a more sustainable future, where human rights and environment are deeply embed into business as usual.

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We are leading thinkers and practitioners in the sustainability and business & human rights field.


We are creating the next generation of business & human rights professionals.

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We are empowering companies to access the resources and support they need to create a better future for next generations to come.

Get To Know  Us

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Get To Know About Us

Welcome to NexGen, where we prioritise a sustainable future by leveraging our extensive knowledge in Sustainability, ESG, and Human Rights. Our dedication is epitomised by our motto: Creating a Sustainable Future. Discover our all-encompassing solutions, tailored to meet the needs of multinational corporations and emerging businesses alike, and our community where sustainability professionals can grow and connect.

Office Scene

NexGen Team:

Award winning professionals who are shaping the future of sustainability and creating the nexgen

Meet our dynamic team of experts dedicated to creating a sustainable future. Our diverse backgrounds, skills, and international experience converge to bring you a community of best practice and high quality and impactful solutions.

We are passionate about making a positive impact, and we're ready to support your journey towards sustainability and ethical business practices.

NexGen Community

Challenges and NexGen solutions


Experience the power of community with NexGen! Join our vibrant network and unlock a world of benefits. From exclusive events and networking opportunities to valuable resources and support, we're here to help you thrive. Don't miss out on the incredible advantages of being part of the NexGen community - join us today and elevate your success! 🌟✨

NexGen Solutions

Why Choose NexGen?

NexGen Advisory

NexGen is here to help! We're your partners in building a responsible and ethical business. Our focus on ESG, Human Rights, Ethical Trade, and Environment sets us apart. Here's why you should partner with us:

Dynamic Approach

As a young and dynamic team, we stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in sustainability.


We leverage technology to streamline processes, making sustainability and compliance management efficient.

Market Insight:

NexGen's understanding of the sustainability market and competitor landscape ensures that our clients stay ahead.

Risk assessment

Our Bespoke Solutions

Governance & Compliance

Challenges and NexGen solutions

Effective governance and compliance are the foundation for managing risks and achieving business objectives. Expert consultancy helps organisations develop robust frameworks and strategies

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Bright ideas for your ESG strategy

Expert consultancy in strategic planning and implementation empowers organizations to identify and mitigate risks effectively. By aligning business objectives with comprehensive strategies

Education & Training

We will help you with reporting and auditing

Expert consultancy in education and training equips organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage risks. By investing in continuous learning and development, organizations can foster a risk-aware culture

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